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Birthdate:Nov 16
Location:Dist. of Columbia, United States of America
I'm female, and 29 years old. In “real life” I live in Washington DC and moved from a job in investment banking to a non-profit about a year ago. I make a lot less money and that sucks, but at the end of the day I like myself better, and it's starting to look like I got out at the right time. I have an extraordinarily small apartment on Capitol Hill. I'm (usually) happily single and no kids. I do have a cat who occasionally deigns to notice me.

In “online life” I am a huge fandom geek. My real-life friends would be shocked to learn this and I have no qualms about lying to keep it secret.

If I randomly friended you and you don't know who I am, it's likely I've gotten into a fanfic you're writing and want to know when you update. It's not because I'm stalking you. Really.

If you're here because you came across my fanfic, I don't post much fic here. I jumped into the Harry Potter fandom a few years ago because I thought (no false modesty here) that I could do better than a lot of the fanfiction out there. The fanfic I will admit to having written can be found here: Obviously, I haven't written in that fandom for awhile, and don't have any plans to start up again.

I discovered Doctor Who recently and it promptly became an obsession. I am admittedly a bandwagon fangirl. I have a huge geeky fangirl crush on David Tennant.

Though I think of myself as the city type, I do like being outdoors and would rather be on a boat than pretty much anything else.

I'm very much an introvert, which often comes across as being aloof when really I'm just uncomfortable. Unless you get me drunk, then I can't shut up and apparently also think I'm really sexy.

I'm a Democrat, a skeptical Catholic, a pretty damn good cook, and closet novelist. I'm really quite a nerd, with a freakish knowledge of inane and pointless trivia which I always reveal at the wrong moments. I think this is the reason I can never remember my own phone number.
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